Twin passions, singular focus

Life & Work Philosophy

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Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might...

Ecclesiastes 9:10

Busy finishing my first book, Ultimate TV, a look at the economics of pay and ad-supported TV in the broadband era.  Also planning the launch of the Bad Grandpa line of T-shirts (I own the trademark).

Only from the outside does it look like I have two parallel careers.  I started out as an editor & photojournalist, which led to a partnership in Brimstone Films, where as line producer I was responsible for budgets and logistics.  A move to running small private cable systems along the Front Range of Colorado also immersed me in operations, budgeting and forecasting.  That led to 20 years as a senior analyst and ultimately COO of Paul Kagan Associates, a leading media research and valuation firm.  When PKA was sold to Primedia, I moved on to AlixPartners to head up their M&E practice and that led to running the Analytics division of The Nielsen Co., best known for its TV ratings.  These positions all came with the opportunity to travel the world and a camera was always in my carry-on. Today, the valuation and expert witness practice office is located at the rear of Rare Light Gallery in San Juan Bautista, CA and when not working on an expert report or consulting assignment I am putting the finishing touches on my latest digital captures.